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Branson Design Group, LLC is always looking for great individuals. If you are interested in becoming a BDG Team Member please e-mail your résumé to: [email protected].


Our Story

Graig Colvin Branson Design Group

About Us

We believe in making complex systems simple.

At Branson Design Group, our mission is to care, beyond the ordinary, for details, our projects, our staff, and our clients.


Whether working directly with our clients or working as part of a collaborative team, we are dedicated to bringing the ultimate audio-visual experience while also making it uncomplicated and easy to use.


We combine education, experience, and our excellent service with creativity, care, and competence to create a luxury environment for you using the latest technology in audio, video, lighting, and shade control. With your satisfaction and safety as our top priorities, our team goes above and beyond to provide you with the experience you’ve been searching for in your home or business.

Meet Our Team

We believe that the people behind the company are as important as the company itself.


• Forgets where he puts stuff down
o Often steals team members' tools
o Always asks where his coffee is
• Tries too hard to make sure everybody gets along
• Hates it when things don’t go smoothly

Craig Colvin

Owner/Sales/Employee Morale Leader

Alan Bobbitt

Service Manager

• Darth Tweaker - will constantly fiddle w/ something until it's perfect (This makes clients happy, but not so much the productivity boss)
• Electrical Engineer so don’t get him talking about resistors, transistors, volts vs wattage, amperage or ohms
• Team Dad - Always ends a phone call with “Be Safe”

Al Bondanza

Operations Manager

• Once a Marine always a Marine…
• Believes some things can, indeed, be solved by excessive force
• Never slows down...fastest installer in Branson History
o Sometimes fails to observe the Branson Rule of Measure Twice, Cut Once (we are working on this)

Mike Morgan

Lead Integration Technician

• Paces in circles around the room when on the phone
• Branson Tech Support - Can remember everything about code, zeros and past projects. Team members often call him when they are in the field
• Can’t remember what he had for breakfast 4 hours earlier

Marshall Pyle

Programmer Extraordinaire

Joshua Tabor

Integration Technician

• Most extensive installation experience in history. He has wired casinos, hospitals, luxury yachts, multi-million dollar mansions and backyard BBQs.
• Dry Dry Dry sense of humor
• Happiest when he’s neck deep in an equipment rack and nobody’s interrupting his train of thought (or his Florida talk-radio show blasting though his ear-pods)

Dee Taubert

Lead Field Engineer

Branson Design Group is born from the passion and spirit our specialists. We’ve worked for large corporations, small businesses, and government agencies; we have been vendors as well as reps. Some of us are tireless seekers of knowledge while others are content to jump in the trenches without hesitation, but what we all share is a passion for using luxury technology to simplify and enrich our lives. We’d love to show you why we are different and allow you to truly get to know what makes us Branson Design Group.

Industry Certifications

Technology is always changing and we work hard to stay on top of the new products and information.

  • Crestron Certified Programming (certified programmer on staff full time)
  • Wilson Certified Installer
  • HAA (Home Acoustics Alliance) – Home Theater Audio Calibrator
  • ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Certified Installers
  • Crestron Digital Media Engineer
  • Lutron Homeworks Certified
  • Certified Technology Specialist Infocomm
branson design group automation technology

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    4. Does anyone in your family have physical limitations that should be considered? (Difficulty standing, walking, bending, poor eyesight, arthritis, etc.)

    5. How often do you entertain?

    6. Do you entertain large crowds or small groups?

    7. What kind of television system (satellite, cable, etc.) do you use?

    8. Do you use streaming video? (i.e. Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.)

    9. Do you use satellite or internet-based radio?

    10. Are you a smart phone user?

    11. Are you a frequent traveler?

    12. Is energy efficiency important?

    13. Are you concerned with protecting flooring/decor/furnishings from UV light?

    14. Are you concerned with security?