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whole home automation

Whole Home Automation

What is Whole Home Automation?

Whole home automation means having the various sub-systems in your home integrated to be centrally controlled from user interfaces, astronomical clocks, or physical events.

What is the ideal Whole Home Automation experience?

The best experience is one that includes a large, highly sophisticated group of integrated subsystems made simple for any end-user to operate with little or no training.

What is the ideal implementation for Whole Home Automation?

The ideal home would contain distributed audio and video, lighting and climate control, security integration, and at least one room with a high-quality surround system, all controlled with a state-of-the-art control system.

Which brands does Branson Design Group prefer for Whole Home Automation?

The best control systems available today come from Crestron and Lutron, and we have years of experience designing, programming, and implementing these systems.

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Media Room

What is a Media Room?

A Media Room is a common room in the home, such as a Family Room, Great Room, or Game Room, with high-performance surround sound audio and a large, high-quality display. While most common when the home doesn’t include a dedicated home theater, the two are not mutually exclusive.

What is the ideal Media Room experience?

The best Media Room includes little to no compromise in interior design while allowing for discreet placement of components for an exceptional movie, television, or gaming experience.

What is the ideal implementation for a Media Room?

The ideal solution would include hidden components that are only revealed when the system is activated. For example, a projection screen hidden behind a large work of art that moves to reveal the screen, and a projector that lowers on a lift out of the ceiling.

Which brands does Branson Design Group prefer for Media Rooms?

To create the best experience, we use Marantz receivers, Monitor Audio speakers, JL Audio subwoofers, Samsung TVs, Screen Innovations projection screens, and projectors from Epson and Digital Projections.

media room whole home automation
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home theater whole home automation

Home Theater

What is a Home Theater?

A Home Theater is a dedicated room in the home created specifically for the purpose of maximum performance audio and video. While primarily used for watching movies, a theater can also deliver stunning performance for television/streaming programs, sporting events, and gaming.

What is the ideal Home Theater experience?

The ideal theater would have absolute control of all light for the highest-quality video, and would be shaped in a fashion that the acoustics are predictable and treatable.

What is the ideal implementation for a Home Theater?

A serious Home Theater would include speakers in front, around, and above the seating positions, enough subwoofers to accurately control and deliver bass, no windows (or shading control to make the room absolutely dark), a very large screen, and a full acoustic treatment to maximize sound quality and minimize ear fatigue.

Which brands does Branson Design Group prefer for Home Theaters?

In our theaters, we use Marantz processing, ATI amplifiers, main, surround, and overhead speakers from Monitor Audio, subwoofers from JL Audio, projectors from Digital Projection, and Screen Innovations screens.

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Outdoor Living

What is possible for Outdoor Living?

An Outdoor Living space includes comfortable seating for the family and guests, speakers and a display for watching TV, and usually is placed near the grill for cookouts.

What is the ideal Outdoor Living experience?

The ideal Outdoor Living space would include components designed to be used outdoors year-round but still integrated into the rest of the distribution systems.

What is the ideal implementation for an Outdoor Living space?

The most important option for Outdoor Living is always a TV that is specifically made to be used outdoors. These TVs are brighter than regular displays, sealed to keep insects and moisture out, and weatherproof.

Which brands does Branson Design Group prefer for Outdoor Living spaces?

Our Outdoor Living rooms include TVs from Sunbrite and Seura and speakers from James Loudspeaker and Monitor Audio.

outdoor living whole home automation
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